Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Threading the Political Needle

This is the Republican response AFTER Christine Blasey Ford's testimony:

"She is a remarkable woman, courageous for coming forward to bring to this nation's attention her concerns regarding Judge Kavanaugh. But while we believe she may well have suffered the attack of which she complains, we cannot conclude that this was the act of the man who stands accused.

We have listened to Brett Kavanaugh deny this assault in clear and unambiguous terms. We have no corroborating evidence that he committed these wrongs save that the complainant first made and later repeated these allegations some three decades after their occurrence. We have a lifetime of evidence that would stand in contradiction, that would strongly suggest that Brett Kavanaugh was not the perpetrator of this wrong but merely the unfortunate victim of a case of mistaken identity.

We fully appreciate Ms. Blase Ford's testimony and her honest attempt to inform this body, but we must reject the same if we are to be faithful to our duty to those we serve.

There is great tragedy here. The wrongs sustained by those like Christine Blasey Ford have far too long been ignored or minimized, women's voices crying out in pain the subject of ridicule or scorn. We stand before you to say this lack of compassion, of understanding, of belief in the integrity of those who speak of grievous wrongs, will no longer be tolerated. Not today or in the tomorrow's to come. But we cannot and will not make Brett Kavanaugh suffer for the misdeeds of others, nor for our past transgressions in this country's treatment of claims of sexual assault.

Simply put, Brett Kavanaugh is deserving of this nation's trust and our vote for confirmation."

The above is forever after to be referred to as threading of the political needle.


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Be sure not to miss the new film coming soon to a theatre near you entitled "A Walk Down Memory Lane" wherein the Democrats fail in their attempt to pull off the most obvious political stunt in American history trying to help two women fill in the enormous gaps in their faulty memory of totally uncorroborated events from 36 years ago, when they were inebriated adolescents, and thereby lose the house and senate in the midterm elections.

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Oops, they changed the title to: "A Stumble Down Memory Lane"

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For those of us who are convinced of Kavanaugh's guilt, it is enough to know that no politically conservative Catholic, "a frat boy named Brett," as NARAL dubbed him, should ever sit on the highest court in the land. Who but a monster would refuse to endorse the right to abortion? And, isn't that tantamount to violence against women? What other evidence do we need?