Friday, October 5, 2018


This vote will mark the proclamation of the #HimToo movement, the declaration of independence from an overzealous prosecution of the male id. The response of those offended by the mere suggestion of a problem in need of correction.

The belief that Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby are nothing but aberrations, that while the Brett Kavanaughs of this world may proliferate, they are but harmless exercisers of the right of free expression, a virtual first Amendment, constitutional, America born and bred, God given, man driven expression of love, not hate or domination or whatever ill intended motive those with overzealous imaginations and easily bruised psyches might otherwise suggest.

This is not merely a statement that Mr. Kavanaugh is qualified to judge all of us but that no woman is qualified, emotionally and intellectually to judge him or the many other Brett Kavanaughs who lord over this culture and this nation.

Make no mistake about what is now happening in our hallowed halls. Women are being put back in their place, pushed into dark corners, groped, demeaned and diminished while Mr. Kavanaugh takes his wrongful seat as the rightful heir to a lifetime throne.


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Former Supreme Court justice Stevens points out the Kavanaugh ‘s outburst demonstrates that he doesn’t have the temperament to be a Supreme Court judge this is a very serious altercation. . Taken with his parisian accusations that Clinton and the democratic party is behind the attacks, as well as his preparations for his senate hearings were held in the White House, show that he just a member of the GOP, for a job that must be independent of politics.
No, he is not qualified for the job. He failed his job interview.

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AGREED. But again, What do we DO?

GET OUT THE VOTE especially the ones belonging to the hundred million member U.S. political party - the non-voters.

and CANVASS IN POOR VOTING DISTRICTS. Excellent evidence that DOOR TO DOOR CANVASSING has & will lever a signifigant percentage of non-voters toward the polls on election day. As close to election time as possible. Several of us at the Old Boys (including Marty Cramer) will do that.

ASSAULT THE ILLUSIONS OF PRO TRUMP/CAVANAUGH WOMAN VOTERS who are out to screw themselves by voting to keep themselves second class demeaned citizens.

And what else? What else can your readers suggest that will make a difference?


Charlotte said...

It’s sickening that this is not o KT accepted, but guaranteed
There is no feasible way K is qualified as a unbiased judge given his court performance.
He gets an A for performance, and an F for credibility .
Sad day for all.