Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Taking Stock

In the swirl of insanity that has swallowed us whole in recent days, there is one not uninteresting story that has gathered but scant notice. The stock market appears to be in near free fall.

In a matter of a blink of an eye, 10 per cent of its entire value has vanished. It is, one would think, a defining statement of the unease we feel as a nation under constant siege, not being steered to safety but directed into the path of the storm. A leader who creates nothing so much as frictions, destroying bonds and causing uncertainty to burgeon.

As the mid terms near, should we not be wondering if this nose dive is in contemplation of the possibility that this man will not be stopped, but rather emboldened by its results. That as horrid a two years as we have endured, the next two will make this seem child's play by comparison.

Maybe I am overreacting to but a momentary hiccup, a plunge symptomatic of nothing more than a long overdue correction. But it's timing certainly feels like much more than mere serendipity, pure coincidence.

Maybe this is a true barometer of our fear of the pain this President is capable of inflicting on us all.

And maybe it is why when we now take stock of the looming possibilities, we take our stock and head for the hills. 

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Anonymous said...

We are in the “hills” (of Utah) - feeling such sadness and pain; watching stripes shudder and tears drip from the stars of the flags at half mast; trying to confer with nature and praying for the strength to work harder toward change and a brighter world.

Thank you for continuing to find and express the words that are in so many of our hearts.