Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Two Gifts for the President

First it was poor, beleaguered Brett Kavanaugh. Now it is a growing caravan of ruthless demons ready to rip the very heart out of this nation. Perfect themes for Mr. Trump to latch onto in the moments before election to rouse his base, prod the undecided and bring lies to truth. 

If Mr. Trump were to have scripted the weeks before the midterms, he would likely have wished exactly for this. The Democrats brow beating a teary Mr. Kavanaugh, ever unscrupulous in their baseless attacks on a fine upstanding family man and brilliant jurist. And then the terrorist horde, ever growing in numbers, relentlessly moving closer to our borders. Oh how we need that wall, the one that this President would have if only we let him do his job. If only the Republicans could retain control of both Houses.

Two gifts for this President. While James Comey may have handed Mr. Trump the presidency in 2016 these recent events may prove equally pivotal. If on election day the enormous blue wave turns instead into a continuing red tide, Mr. Trump could be sending thank you notes to some very unlikely, unintended and unwilling, assistants. 


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Exactly. Comey did hand the election to him on a silver platter.