Tuesday, October 2, 2018


I vividly recall candidate Trump vilifying Mexicans, denouncing John McCain's heroism, attacking his Republican opponents in terms puerile and demeaning, ridiculing the parents of one who died in service to our country, treating the truth as a chew toy in his relentless assaults upon Hillary Clinton, the media, on anyone with the audacity to challenge his greatness, his capacity, his manhood, his ability to lead this country forward. 

Surely these were each and every one disqualifying events that would prove his undoing, his death knell. Surely we as a nation knew there was a better option awaiting us, that we were entitled to something more than this.

For those already proclaiming the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to be beyond redemption, certain that the future of our country will not be placed  in the hands of one who has shown himself to be unmoored, uncouth, untethered to reality or truth, I have three words for you. President Donald Trump.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, he will be number 9. PB