Friday, November 9, 2018

The Good Old Days of Beauregard

Mr. President had no regard for Beauregard so this Sessions has now been ended.

Jefferson Beauregard the third. Going to miss the name if not the man. Somehow went from sinner to saint just by refusing to offer Mr. Mueller as a sacrifice to the gods. Truth: a saint he ain't.

And now, playing the lead role of "acting" attorney general is someone with a much less interesting name. Whittaker doesn't even rhyme with anything.

And if he intends to be nominated for an Oscar for his performance Matthew will have to convince us that he alone is the driving force in the imminent slicing and dicing of the investigation into how well Mr. Trump speaks Russian.

Surely his appointment is in direct contravention of the Constitution, his installation a not very clever ruse to obstruct justice. But this President does not major in subtlety and his stated wish to be "softer" lasted about as long as it took for him to accost Acosta.

And so now we begin Chapter Two in the book of Donald. Second verse same as the first. Only maybe a little worse. 

Oh for the good old days of Beauregard.

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Bruce said...

Trump's governing techniques for the next two years:
revoke press passes of legitimate journalists
submit deliberately altered video and audio tapes to justify their actions
continue a trade war with China
send 35,000 US soldiers to the Mexican border to shoot to kill refugees
figure out a way to fire Mueller and destroy his report

He could have been a good president but he never matured into the job and insisted on a message of division and hate. Too bad for him and way too bad for us.