Monday, December 3, 2018

Sweet Dreams

Of what do you dream little girl? 
As I sit in the darkened room just staring at you, watching your every breath as you settle into sleep, I wonder what occupies your thoughts.
   Are you busy cataloguing all that came before you today, contemplating and considering, absorbing and           analyzing, becoming what you will become? Are you piecing it all together, the jigsaw puzzle taking shape, the     questions now receding one by one? 
It is still here, the friends you have in this room in their repose. Ellie the elephant, the one you stare at so intently each time you lie on your changing table, in deep slumber. The toys, the books, the clothes, each in their own resting places, their work done for the day. They fall silent when you do. All is in harmony in this room. 

What did you learn today? Did you discover your own laugh, did you recognize your own smile? Was it the sound of daddy singing to you that brought you such joy? Was it looking directly into mommy's eyes that brought you great comfort?

I wait for the hour when you awake, eager to learn the secrets you will next reveal. Eager to watch as you discover the vastness of the universe, eager to see what next brings you happiness, eager to have a front row seat to the greatest show on earth.

But for now I am content merely to sit here and stare at you. And dream of your possibilities.


Anonymous said...

SO lovely. I can feel your sweet relationship and the joy that passes between the two of you when she is asleep or awake.

I wonder if you might write a children's book one day about the love that a grandfather has for his newborn grand-daughter.


Anonymous said...

Well put !! My thoughts exactly ❌⭕️


Anonymous said...

Nice essay. And accurate.

About 25 years ago an NYU professor wrote a book called “Sounds from the Crib.” She hung a microphone over an infant’s cradle/bed which recorded all the pre-sleep sounds for a couple of years. Seems that what was going on was a review of the day’s events


Anonymous said...

Enjoy her!!! You are so blessed!!!


Anonymous said...

Good one.