Sunday, December 9, 2018

Three Dogs

My wife, son and I were walking on the streets of New York City earlier today, when she ran into a high school classmate, someone she had likely not seen in many decades. As would be expected, he synopsized the last near half century in but a few minutes. Princeton, Stanford law school, big new York law firm with some special area of expertise I could barely comprehend on my best day. Long time resident of New York, married for three decades, with no children but now on his third dog. Internationally recognized, the author of several books, quoted or published in the most well respected newspapers and journals. Loves his work and, if he were to have a second home, it would be abroad, likely London. My wife said she knew of some of his exploits from reading about him through the years.

After my wife gave a much shorter overview of the important work related history of our family, we all said our farewells and headed onto the rest of our lives.

When we got into the car, I turned to my son and wife and said that I had absolutely none of the accomplishments that marked her classmate's existence.

My wife's reply corrected me in my errant assessment. "You both have had three dogs."

I now know how my headstone will read so that all the world will understand the mark I made during my stay here. "He had three dogs."


Anonymous said...

Hahahah. Well written


Anonymous said...

So Funny. My head stone will read "I'm coming back as my dog".--RE

Anonymous said...

And rescue dogs!!


Anonymous said...

Nice yarn. Don’t sell yourself short, though. You have a good career, a talent for writing, a lovely family and nice friends. And the dogs.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You both had better consult ME before ordering anything.
The headstone will say a hundred other wonderful, kind and actually TRUE things before the last four words: He had three dogs

Anonymous said...

But JOANNE chose YOU !