Friday, January 25, 2019

Too Early to Call

("Why Trump Will Lose in 2020")

Now I can rest easy, knowing Mr. Trump's exit is a foregone conclusion. And yes, there is logic to the arguments proferred. BUT....

If we have learned one thing about Mr. Trump's ascendancy, it is that the bizarre is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Nearly two years remain until election day. While the President will never change his stripes and each day we will continue to live in fear of his next self inflicted wound upon this nation, what if 
a) Mr. Mueller's investigation proves damning but inconclusive as to the direct culpability of Mr. Trump
b) peace and stability break out with North Korea
c) the economy and the stock market do not stumble
d) the Democrats choose the wrong candidate (again)
e) a viable third party candidate emerges to siphon off Democratic votes
f) the probability of at least one Supreme Court opening looms large, and proves catalyst for a strong Republican turnout
g) trade wars with China and elsewhere don't escalate but somewhat diminish and become merely standard skirmishes
h) a myriad of other issues, including immigration reform and infrastructure projects make actual progress despite the President's worst intentions
i) no new calamity intervenes

 I am very hesitant to project what our universe will look like at election time and what forces will drive people to (or away from) the polls.

We all recognize Mr. Trump is beyond horrid and that his act is wearing extremely thin even among many in his own party. But who would have ever projected in early 2015 that this charlatan, this buffoon, would cast aside 16 fellow Republicans and then ride to victory despite his glaring personal depravities and indisputable pathological unreadiness for the task to be undertaken.

So, I cannot rest easy and will not until our national nightmare is officially declared at an end. And while the author believes, based on his 2016 prediction that he is now prescient, count me as a most reluctant skeptic

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