Saturday, February 9, 2019

Selling the Brooklyn Bridge

("Republicans Got Us Into This Mess, and They Have to Get Us Out of It")

This concept is all well and good until you realize Mr. Trump has, for the main part, merely carried out the Republican agenda: feed the rich, leave crumbs for everyone else, deregulate, give all your love to white men and dole out your enmity to the rest of the masses.

Yes, his trade tariffs have not necessarily endeared him to the powers in his own party and he has trouble deciding if he is hawk or dove (although he exhibits no hesitation in expanding the defense budget for development of new toys), but his is very far removed from a tear down our own house presidency.

Certainly he is extremely dangerous and as unprepared for this office as a nudist is for standing outside in a blizzard. Clearly he is personally repugnant, exhibiting none of the trappings that someone in his office should have.

But if you believe this group of Republican leaders will bite the small hands of Mr. Trump, well I have a nice bridge in Brooklyn I think you might be interested in acquiring.

Mr. Trump will not be gone unless and until the walls ( including that one) cave in on him, courtesy of Mr. Mueller or a Democratic led investigation. The Republicans will not cannibalize their own leader for, deep in their hearts, in places you don't want to know about sonny, they understand he is largely a reflection of their own beliefs.


Anonymous said...

Your post of Wrong Number is one of the best things I’ve read anywhere for a long time – and I read a lot.

Today’s reminds me of what Philip Roth said when Trump was elected. The Plot Against America is Roth’s book imagining what life would have been like if Charles Lindbergh – a Nazi sympathizer – had been elected instead of FDR. When he was asked whether his sick vision had come true, he said that Trump is much worse. At least Lindbergh was a legitimate aviation hero. Trump is only a con artist.


Anonymous said...

sad but true😀


Anonymous said...

Agreed he is feeding the Republican beast