Thursday, March 14, 2019

Six Months Old

So I turn six months old in a few hours and I am worried. I read about the scandal surrounding college admissions and I fear that even if I have served two terms as President by then, I might not get into the school of my choice.

I think back a half year when I was so carefree. Back then I was just trying to figure out what a diaper was and the difference between day and night. Back then I didn't know anything about Fox News.

Now I wonder whether it makes political sense to move forward with impeachment proceedings. Now I am sad to learn Alex Trebeck is sick. Now I have to deal with the trauma of the Knicks trading Porzingis and the Giants dumping OBJ. Now I wake each morning to the reality of Donald Trump.

But now I know who my mom and dad are, I know what snow is. Now I know how to laugh and smile, I know I have a favorite "lovey"and I know how to turn the pages in a book. Now I know what solid food is, I know I have almost as good an appetite as my dad and I know that one day soon I will be able to sit up without falling over.

So I still spit up way too often. But that will pass. I am still trying to get the hang of this crawling thing. But that will come soon enough. And while Dad says I am almost ready to dribble a basketball, the truth is I am really still just dribbling. 

I recognize that the rigors of a presidential campaign lay ahead for me, I am a bit concerned about the extent of the problem with the arm of Luis Severino and I am distressed by the long term effect of ongoing trade wars.

But I am happy. I am happy for the thousands of kisses I have received and I am happy to feel protected and safe. I am happy that I am surrounded by those who make me feel like the most important person in their lives. I am happy that each day I learn so much and I hunger to absorb as much new information as I can.

So here's to the past six months and to the adventures that lay ahead. Life is indeed wonderful. Thanks mom and dad for deciding to bring me into the world. I love you both very much. And I promise in the days to come I will give you as many hugs as you could possibly want. That's the thing where I wrap my arms around your neck, right?


Anonymous said...

da best!


Anonymous said...

While being loved sooooo very much sweet girl won’t scare away all those (justifiable) “worries,” it sure will help keep you strong and healthy and capable of fighting hard to make the world a better place. Indeed, that’s the stuff you come from!! Happy 6 month BD, C! ❤️😘


Alex said...

Very sweet! Love our little growing girl!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a new career writing children's books awaits you.


Anonymous said...

We are loving your interviews with your granddaughter


Anonymous said...

Love your blog and love hearing about the baby.


Anonymous said...

Love it!
Happy 6 month Birthday! And Happy 6 month Birthday to Parents and Grandparents!


Anonymous said...

You are a good observer...


Anonymous said...

Read all your posts on your granddaughter and then felt compelled to go back and read the first again. If you ever wrote anything better or more meaningful I haven’t read it. You prove the truism that writers write best when they write of what they love.
Thanks for sharing. You made my day!


Anonymous said...



Limor said...

Somehow the political/global craziness we surrounded ...seem to fade when reading the important experiences of the precious six months old treasure