Friday, March 1, 2019

When You're With Don ( A message to Republicans in Congress)

When you let Don
Turn you into a clown 
You'll regret what you did
You've let everyone down

When you protect 
You make yourself a fool
You have lost everything
You are evil and cruel

You're covered in dung
You need some disinfectant
You're at the lowest rung
You're disrespected

When you let Don
Get away with his lies
You become just like him
Til the day that you die

When you elect
To do nothing at all
You turn into a joke
You build him his own Wall

You're better than this
At least you know you should be
You lay down with a dog
You wake up with fleas

When you pretend
That you're blind to all this
That he's really not bad
All his hate you dismiss

Then you're with Don
You're with Don all the way
From the first cover up 
To your last dying day

First cover up
To your last dying day


Anonymous said...

send this to every Republican member of congress lois

Anonymous said...

Love it!


Anonymous said...

“Each day the minutes seem like hours,

The hours go so slowly”

Oh what are we to do?

So Rob - just write!

And keep our spirits bright,

It helps to get us through every day

....and niiiiight!