Sunday, April 28, 2019

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Beto's charisma or Pete's erudition 
Biden's big heart or Kamala's mission
Pot legalization, tuition free school
The Green New Deal and Lift Act are cool

Booker or Warren or John Hickenlooper
So many names can cause quite a stupor
Health care for all, break up Big Tech
Tilt to the left, give the center respect

Do we go old, or do we go younger
Bernie's strong message, or Klobuchar's hunger
Castro's Latino, Gabbard's a vet
Abrams has not even committed yet

NYC's Mayor I think he will curdle
And Andrew Yang has too many hurdles
Swalwell will fight to get rid of guns
Ryan says we should rely on the sun

Moulton, Delaney and Wayne Messam too
So many names, who knows what to do
Twenty or more must get down to one
Must pick the one who'll get the job done

What's the answer, who should we choose
Could just drive us mad
Not simple, remember we just cannot lose
Cause then we will feel so bad


Anonymous said...

I’m moving overseas! The dems already lost-sorry to be a negative douche!


Robert said...

too early to call