Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Words on a Page

Mr.Mueller, how can a document speak for itself? The last I checked your report is inanimate. It doesn't speak. Humans (and maybe some forms of artificial intelligence) do.

Words on a page can be drowned out (I know they can't make noise) by the sounds emanating from those like Mr. Barr and Mr. Trump. Without defending, 400 pages of cogent, damning thought can be made to seem innocuous and inconsequential.

You are the voice of your document. Your silence in the face of the accusations and insinuations coming from the mouth of the President and his henchmen does you and your words on the page a grave disservice.

Your words deserve better treatment. And so does our country.


Limor said...

Couldn't have said better !

Anonymous said...

Truth has been given a back seat.. Sadly, it is within the purvue of his office to explain the law and the details of the report to the American people, He has abdicated responsibility, . --RE