Tuesday, June 18, 2019

On the Precipice

("Iran Threatens to Exceed Nuclear Deal's Limits; Trump To Deploy New Troops")

This is what we really feared about Mr. Trump. That his belligerence, his ignorance, his propensity to break things would one day lead us to where we now find ourselves: the brink of war.

Mr. Trump, Mr. Bolton and Mr. Pompeo have been of a single mind and a single purpose with Iran. Notwithstanding the recognition by the other nations to the  agreement that Iran has abided by its promises, our country, our President found justification for withdrawing from its pledges. If it smells like WMD, tastes like WMD, then it must be another Republican administration bending facts to fit their intention.

Donald Trump has been the boy who cried wolf since the first moment he stepped into office, manufacturing a crisis at our southern border that has exploded into an ongoing horrific humanitarian disaster. 

And now, if Mr. Trump's worst instincts are unchecked, we can well envision the terrible consequences. More than all the other damage this President has done to the fabric of our country, this is why he poses such a grave danger every day, not merely to this nation but to the nations around the globe. 

If it is 3 AM can the world survive his picking up the phone?

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Anonymous said...

The problem is that Presidents on both sides of the aisle have had the defense industry on speed dial. Eisenhower referred to this cozy relationship in his farewell address. The danger has always been that Presidents can become too willing to cede decisions to think tanks. This Republican administration has gone too far. Heritage Foundation actually staffs the administration with people who will install the Foundation's agenda, The only way for a President to innoculate himself against these think tanks is by digging deep to learn the issues. Zero chance of that with this President.--RE