Sunday, June 2, 2019

President Trump Announces a Series of New Tariffs

("Trump Says U.S. Will Hit Mexico with Tariffs to Stop Flow of Immigrants")

President Trump today announced he would enact a 10% tariff on all Democrats until they become Republicans, a 15% tariff on all blacks until they become white, a 20% tariff on all poor people until they become rich, a 25% tariff on global warming until Hell freezes over, a 30% tariff on Roe v Wade until it rows and wades no more, a 35% tariff on the New York Times until it endorses him for a second term, a 40% tariff on Robert Mueller until he says no obstruction, no collusion, a 45% tariff on Hillary Clinton until she admits she lost the popular vote in 2016, a 50% tariff on Ruth Bader Ginsburg until she dies, a 55% tariff on Nancy Pelosi until she stops that phony clapping during the State of the Union, a 60% tariff on Colin Kaepernick until he stands up, a 65% tariff on Michael Cohen until he admits he was the one with Stormy Daniels, a 70% tariff on New York and California until they fall in the ocean, a 75% tariff on Barack Obama until he produces his actual birth certificate, an 80% tariff on John McCain until he changes his vote on Obamacare, an 85% tariff on China until it makes a really good egg roll, a 90% tariff on the Constitution until everything but the Second Amendment is erased, a 95% tariff on Russia until it pays him commensurate with the services he is providing for them and a 100% tariff on America until it changes its name to Trumpworld.


Anonymous said...

Good one.


Anonymous said...

Your wonderful imagination and creative writing always amazes me. Thank you for adding some levity to this country’s dire situation


Anonymous said...

Makes perfect sense to me


Anonymous said...

Good one! Passing it on so others can have a chuckle too.


Anonymous said...

That makes me laugh. PB

Anonymous said...

We are going to print these "trump actions" and discuss the outcome of the new Tariffs over dinner ...as usual your point is amazingly clear.


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LOL! Funny!


Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT! (you, not him)


Anonymous said...

Very cute