Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Free Rein

("Racism Comes Out of the Closet")

He has not diminished the office to which he has ascended. He has demolished it. The last vestiges of decency having vanished in his latest tirade, the last semblance of propriety now shredded. The presidency lying in the gutter, covered in the feces emanating from the mind of the last person on earth who should be holding the keys to the kingdom.

We began this journey outraged by his thoughts and actions. We were certain during the primaries he would self immolate. We were in disbelief when his ugliness persisted and so did he. We took to the streets in mass protests when the inconceivable occurred, believing that our demonstrations against the worst of his offenses would at least temper his temper. 

But nothing and no one can change the stripes on this man. Not our cries of anger, not the actions of his political opponents and certainly not the timid pleas of some within his inner sanctum. Two and a half years in office not having given him perspective or taught him humility, but having informed his brain that he has free rein to unleash the furies. His incompetence exceeded only by his hatreds. 
And so we are left, once again, to say he has finally crossed the line in the sand, that too much is now enough. But as the endless tomorrows of our nation's nightmare persist, we well know that we have not heard the last, or the worst, from Donald Trump.

And the presidency will never be the same again. Nor will our country. 


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, i agree


a said...

You are so correct when you say, "the presidency will never be the same again. nor will our country". That is because the GOP have sold their soles to Trump and will do anything or nothing to stay in power. If no one in the GOP begins to stand up and call him out on every autocratic word he spews, our country will never be the same. The world already has seen us change for the worse. I'm not sure if there is still time to have hope to make a change in 2020? The DEMS still need to get their act together. Impeachment is out of the question because the Senate will not go for it as they did under Nixon. I'm not sure how things will get better. I guess I still hold some hope for a 2020 change. PS.... I am looking for the day that Mitch McConnel will no longer be in the Senate.