Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Go Big or Go Home

When did compromising their values become the Democratic (big D) way? So asked Elizabeth Warren, she of the huge ideas and the overflowing policy statements. Why run for President if you can't demand excellence in yourself and your party?

What if John Kennedy had suggested going on a trip to nowhere in particular instead of to the moon? Why do she and Bernie Sanders push Medicare for all ? Not because it is easy but because it is hard.

Stir the imagination. Invigorate the spirit. Be bold. That was the message from Ms. Warren and Mr. Sanders who occupied center stage and the center of the political universe last evening.

If you believe it can't be done, it won't. But the thrust of the proposition from the two front runners was "Yes we can."

Now where have I heard that mantra before?

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Anonymous said...

So true. It was so refreshing to hear, and have not heard this often enough. The Republican definition of "liberal" must be redefined to convince voters that it no longer means over-spending with no accountability. Government works well when our policy and expectations are both ambitious. If we expect more, we will get more. If we expect less, we will get less.--RE