Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Pride in Prejudice

("Lincoln Would Not Recognize His Own Party")

Where do we go after "Send her back"?

What does the future hold for a nation where pride and prejudice has now become pride in prejudice?

How can we ever emerge from this nightmare, for it seems to have swallowed whole the very essence of half of those in our midst?

When will there be a day where the divide between us does not seem so insurmountable?

Who has the capacity to heal these gaping wounds?

No longer mere adversaries, now a country of mortal enemies.

Living as far as the eye can see and the ear can hear in a land of uncivil war.


Anonymous said...

As always,thanks.


Anonymous said...

Sad but true. How did so many people living through the 60's and 70's unlearn tolerance, and humanity, and the importance of responsible government.
Was it just a big party? --RE

Anonymous said...

In my memory there has not been a more divisive President or for that matter a more disgusting one. However the us versus them politics is also practiced by the progressives. I hope someday we look at people as individuals rather than groups with grievances. Having made this point I find that the leader of the free world has the worst of these qualities.