Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Dream Team or a Nightmare?

("Imagining a Warren - Buttigieg, or  Buttigieg - Warren, Ticket")

Can America once more find bright appealing after semi-electing the most anti-intellectual tweeter since man developed fingers? Or is going for smart the stupidest decision the Dems could make?

We have ping ponged from brilliant and black to rich white trash. Now what? Does combining female and gay, old and young check all the boxes for success or guarantee four more years in Hell? Does somewhat left to extremely wrong mean we are now only prepared for the middle? And what in God's name does that look like,for the center has long since disappeared, as extinct as the Dodo.

Who are those oh so valued undecideds in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania? And what could they possibly be undecided about? Are the differences between the parties not clear enough? Shouldn't we be courting those of our own who did not manage to get to the polls last time instead of chasing after the mythical unicorns in the swing states? 

This interminable season of debates leaves us far too much time to manufacture riddles wrapped in enigmas creating nothing so much as massive headaches. Is Elizabeth Warren's hair too short, her manner too strident? Does the mayor of South Bend look too much like Alfred E Neuman? Did anyone send out a search party for Beto?

I ask Mr. Kristof to revisit his question in what now feels like about 74 years when the next election is scheduled to occur. That is unless Mr. Trump declares it unnecessary or unconstitutional to conduct a vote and appoints himself Emperor. Which decision will of course be upheld 5 to 4 by the Supreme Court.


Anonymous said...

Love the last line.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you have not lost your touch -- laughed all the way through this one. "Rich white trash" sure pegs this fella.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Let's get those who were too young to vote, prevented from voting or stayed home out to the ballot box. Forget the polls and those who went for Trump.