Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Grand Experiment

("With Trump as President, the World is Spiraling into Chaos")

It has been a grand experiment, a question in search of an answer as to  whether the United States and the world can survive a rudderless ship, whether our democracy is greater than the sum of all the failings of Donald Trump.

At home, his personal hatreds have  broadened our divides. Abroad, his bumbling photo ops negotiations with North Korea, his bull in a China shop trade tariffs, his wink and nod relationship with Russia, his distancing from long term alliances and destruction of hard fought agreements have all combined to send a screaming signal to the world that the lights are on but nobody's home at 1600.

Yet we hoped that the economy would thrive and peace would prevail not because of, but despite the worst of Mr. Trump's intentions.

Today it appears we may be closer to getting our answer. The world is wobbling and seems but a tweet or two away from conflagration. We are, it turns out, not stronger than our weakest link. 


Anonymous said...

All we can do is hope and pray


Anonymous said...

As difficult as it is to believe, we have had worse leadership throughout our history. We will persevere as long as we stay engaged, to allow the next enlightenment to arrive.--RE