Thursday, August 8, 2019

Will this election be about "The Squad" for both parties?

("The Squad" Is the Future of the Democratic Party")

The title of this op-ed will undoubtedly be the rallying cry for the Trump campaign in 2020. 

No matter his opponent, he will warn this election is about what the face of this nation is to look like come 2021. 

The issue is whether the Democrats will make this their central theme as well. 

These are women who demand to be seen, to be heard, to be felt.  They don't ask for permission. They don't await our approval. 

And if they can bring the people of color to their feet, if they can spur women to respond, if they can inform those who have been minimized, discarded and forgotten, that they have a voice, that they have a future better than their past but only if they rise up, that they can begin to exorcise their demons but only if they exercise their right to vote, then November 2020 can be a defining moment when both Democrats and Republicans come to the polls to answer the question if these four women are truly to represent the future direction of our country.


Anonymous said...

Yay Robert! Yay Women of the Squad! Passing this on to family and friends.


Lou said...

Far too much has happened between the Squad and this post-massacre moment. One never knows what will be the battle cry in #020.