Monday, September 23, 2019

He Has

He has assaulted our senses, our values and undoubtedly more than a few women.

He has countenanced, no he has encouraged wrongdoing by his underlings and our enemies in his name's sake.

He has made a mockery of study and science.

He has broken our promises and shattered our standing. 

He has treated the Constitution as a suggestion, and the other branches of government as subservient.

He has made crude and rude into templates for presidential behavior.

He has turned truth into lies and lies into his own virtual reality.

He has acted with contempt towards our allies.

He has encouraged bigotry and hatred.

He has been cruel without care.

He has allowed ego to dictate action.

He has demonstrated no intellectual curiosity, no interest in history.

He has brought this country and his office to the lowest common denominator.

He has spent his time as President as he has his entire life, in search of self gratification and enhancement.

He is, without question, the absolute worst possible choice to be this nation's representative and the leader of the free world. He is a clear and present danger to our environment, our economy, our health and well being, our very way of life, our democracy itself.

And yet, there is a significant likelihood he will be leading us for five more years.

So the question is not what we think about him but what this says about us.


Anonymous said...

Great piece. The last sentence crystalizes our nation's problem. This piece could be titled "They have" instead of "He Has" simply because Trump's constituency got him there, with the help of monied hyper-conservative think-tanks, whose power the general public needs to reckon with.--RE

Anonymous said...

i'm afraid u r right lois

Anonymous said...

Very powerful.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, “he has” and if only....


Anonymous said...

Good one


Anonymous said...

Even if he loses you know he was say election was rigged and start legal action and refuse to leave
He is a total autocrat following hitler game plan


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This was a superb piece of prose.