Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How Dare You

(" How Dare You": 16 Year Old Chides World Leaders on Lack of Action on Climate Change")

Could there be a more powerful speaker on this earth than Greta Thunberg? 

Her comments to the United Nations were an assault upon a generation that has failed in its duty to preserve and protect the planet for those who succeed them. A stinging rebuke for those who ignore science at the peril of their children. A warning that half measures may save face but they will not save the future.

Her anger almost bursts through her tiny frame. Her disappointment morphing into unbridled disgust. Her contempt for leaders who lead us nowhere but into certain disaster palpable in words that come forth like sharp knives.

In a country where we have been witness to the darkest of days from the highest office, the dedication to just cause by Ms. Thunberg was a startling beautiful beacon of light.

Her "how dare you" speech should be watched in our homes, our schools and in the halls of Congress. It should seep into our collective conscience, elevate our discourse and act as catalyst for our treating our world and our tomorrow's with requisite urgency and passionate commitment.

She will not forgive our continued failures. And, be warned, she is watching. 

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Anonymous said...

Her speech was absolutely so moving--RE