Saturday, September 7, 2019

My Birthday Wish

My granddaughter is rushing up to her first birthday. She appears on the cusp of so many breakthroughs, walking only a step away, talking in Shakespearean verse surely the next sounds to emanate.

Graduating from baby to child as I stare in unadulterated awe. As if she is the only being on the planet. A smile permanently etched on my heart. Her grandfather wrapped around every finger of her tiny hands.

A year ago I wrote to a child yet to be born, welcoming her and telling her of my hopes and dreams for her future. But that was mere abstraction. This is as real as it gets.

I look out on a world of young grandchildren, with grandparents embracing the same feelings as I, aching for the same joys for the most precious being in their lives that I wish for my granddaughter. We are all but variations on a theme, none of us more worthy, none of us more entitled.

And I ask why do some get treated so poorly, with a cruelty that none among us deserve. I see a nation that destroys lives for no reason other than that it can. Who declares happiness and possibility the province of some but not others. Who treats with disdain and contempt the lives of people whose sin is not who they are, but where they were born.

And I know my granddaughter is no better or worse than them. That it is serendipity that she is not among those whose lives are damaged by a darkness superimposed on their being. And I can but imagine the ache that would rip my soul if I were one of those grandparents.

So for my granddaughter's first birthday I wish for her all that my words to her a year ago envisioned. That as she grows, she grows into the best person she can be. That her life continues to bring me an almost indescribable happiness.

And that for all the grandparents around this nation who have suffered the most, that in the tomorrows to come their pain subsides and one day soon they are able to dream the same dreams as I. That their grandchild's first step is unfettered, their first words filled with poetry.

That is my birthday wish for my granddaughter. And their's.


Anonymous said...

Your granddaughter is so fortunate in many was. Having you as her grandfather is right at the top.of the list.
Love your beautiful words which ring true once again.

Anonymous said...

Crying - in Jerusalem - to the tune of your words and thoughts ....

Happy Birthday to your wonderful granddaughter!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your little granddaughter is just one of billions, but she is more entitle than most. She was born into unconditional love!

Anonymous said...

Your birthday wish is the same as mine.
You write the words better than anybody can. It resonates in my heart. Can’t wait for the next one. You speak the truth and what’s really important in life.


Alex said...

Definitely some tears welling up. Truly touching, dad.

Marcia Allar said...

Just beautiful! xo

Eileen said...

Thank you for such a beautiful and sadly true sentiment.