Saturday, September 21, 2019

Turning Up the Heat

From the mouth of babes.

 The global warming issue got very hot yesterday. From every corner of the planet came a synchronized warning, "we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore." But was this White House, which is revoking a waiver permitting California to enact auto emission standards higher than the federal, listening?

 We have seen the youth of this country mobilize in protest against an administration that continues to treat diminishing the power of the Second Amendment as the third rail no matter the blood that spills and the terror that reigns in our classrooms.

We, young and old, have tried to recover from the devastation of a Trump presidency by taking to the streets to demand that our government give women's rights true meaning. Instead, we have been repudiated in a continuing relentless attack as Planned Parenthood facilities have withered on the vine and millions of women now face terrible, unnecessary health risks.

So, what hope do we have that, while this planet burns, our Nero will do anything but continue to fiddle, the passionate cries of the young from one end of the earth to the other falling on deaf ears at 1600? 

In truth, we can only hope that the "we vote next" message finds its way into the hearts and minds of the parents and grandparents of these children. And that those who vote not tomorrow but today, turn the chants of the young into resounding defeat at the ballot box for politicians who would treat global warming as a matter of opinion, not urgency.

The heat got turned up on this planet yesterday. 

Thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are still optimistic


Alan said...

Yesterday's action was a great showing of strength and of moving forward. However, the situation is more dire than is shown. I didn't see any Mid-western kids out in the news protesting. The country is being brainwashed ala Trumoism. We're in for a rough election!!!

Anonymous said...

SO proud of the young who lead us so admirably.