Saturday, October 26, 2019

Elizabeth Warren's Reality

("Elizabeth Warren Wants to Lose Your Vote")

Dear Mr. Stephens:

This is a serious time requiring serious people addressing serious problems with the gravity they deserve.

I ask you to read in depth of the tireless effort of Ms. Warren over her years of service in the Senate. Spend the time to truly review her platform. Don't peruse and don't try to extrapolate an entire philosophy from one quote about how to respond to an environmental nightmare, a category 5 storm bearing down on all of us, being treated by Republicans as if it were a chance of sprinkles.

Elizabeth Warren is not a radical but she does want to shake this country out of its lethargy. She is a champion of causes for those in need, no matter how you would attempt to paint her Medicare for all proposal as mere hyperbolic fantasy. 

She intends to push back hard against forces that do harm to those in her care. She has always done so.

So, Mr. Stephens, Elizabeth Warren does not want to lose your vote. She wants America to regain its equilibrium and it's dedication to its essential proposition that all people are created equal and all are entitled to equal protection against the abuses of the system that Mr. Trump and his party would welcome and facilitate.

She doesn't want us to run from reality. She wants us to face it.


Anonymous said...

still don't like her lois

Anonymous said...

Thank you for expressing my thoughts.
to my mind, after Bernie, she has laid out coherent programs that will benefit our whole country. Will she get these passed if she is president ? Will she try? will they be modified before the changes are passed?. of course. Will our country be better off? yes.yes yes....

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth "hold on, I'm gonna get me a beer" Warren, spinner of fables, who spent years claiming Native American ancestry when it could help her career, only to apologize this year after the truth was exposed. Who more recently said she left the workforce after having her first child because of sexism, which has been contradicted by official records and her very own previous statements. Warren's lies fit a pattern. It's victim karaoke- an opportunistic deception to exploit the plight of others. Like parking in a handicapped space and faking a limp.
Every word of Mr. Stephens rings true.

Robert said...

I don't usually engage in a back and forth on comments, but is a fake limp the best you have to offer? This country has been witness to an absolute assault on democracy for 3 years by someone who treats truth and morality as chew toys. I am so tired of this false equivalency nonsense being taken as serious argument. Argue with Elizabeth Warren's policies if you choose but going after her on her lack of ethics is beyond nonsensical.

Anonymous said...

Time for the pundits and journalists to stop predicting who is “electable”. They sure missed the call in 2016. I do hope that Elizabeth can eliminate the fear factor that keep people afraid of Medicare for All.