Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Healing the Sick (System)

("Can Warren Escape the Medicare Trap?")

I have lived for many decades down the rabbit hole world of deductibles, co-pays, and denied claims that seemingly turned comprehensive coverage into catastrophic only.  Where the only winner is the company. Always fighting, always uncertain, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. That is the universe of private health insurance. It is one all of us have experienced to a larger or smaller extent.  

And, for the past two years I have resided in the calm waters of Medicare, where all of the countless hours of aggravation and worry have receded and life makes a little more sense.

Look, I understand that Ms. Warren's Medicare For All push is mostly a dream that has little hope of becoming a reality given the present constitution of Congress combined with the hesitancy of many people in the general public to abandon the devil they know. But our health care system is an undeniably sick mess, both for those fortunate enough to be covered and devastating for those who are not.

And this nation deserves a President who is serious about this problem, who dreams big and fights hard to take the greed and corruption out of the equation and makes our nation face head on the cancer of private health insurance.

There has to be a better answer and the one undeniable truth is we will NEVER find it with Mr. Trump residing in the Oval Office. 
So if this becomes a battle of Warren against Trump it should not be framed as whether Ms.Warren refuses to accept good over perfect, but whether this nation will accept the perpetuation of bad under Mr. Trump for the possibility of better under President Warren.


Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with you. People fear change. Elizabeth needs to explain the financial impact of her plan in a way that eliminates the fear factor.


Anonymous said...

U & I are parting ways on warren but keep sending me everything on anybody lois

Anonymous said...

Points clearly well asserted and truly well taken/integrated.


SK said...

There should be healthcare for all, see France and England (with all their warts, the healthcare is nevertheless humane).
AND you can purchase private health insurance to cover what basic healthcare does not.
I have family in France and that kind of healthcare system works just fine.

We need to have an honest discussion in America that each of us will not necessarily have the same care. While we are equal under the law the government cannot provide the best, cutting-edge healthcare to all the citizens. And unfortunately those are the facts.

We can in a wealthy industrialized, civilized (I think) society provide basic care. To do otherwise is cruel and greedy.