Saturday, December 14, 2019

Angels, Devils and My Dad

Good morning dad,

It may be a year since I've written but that doesn't mean I don't think of you often. If you want to catch up on virtually every thought I have thought over the past 365 days just go to my blog: tooea..., oh Hell you know what it is. Am I actually soliciting readership from my dead dad?

Speaking of Hell, I hope to God (is there a God by the way?), I pray to God (well I don't really pray, but you get the idea), I trust in God (like it says on our currency) that there is a special place reserved (your table is right this way) for one individual who has caused more pain and heartache than I would think the Devil (is there a Devil by the way?) could conjure up on his best (worst) day. Maybe his orange face is flush because, wait, did you happen to hear of the Devil sneaking out about 3 years ago, that face always appears to be standing too close to a fire, that hair that seems to be hiding something underneath, could it be horns?

But enough about that. This is neither the time nor the place for me to dwell on negatives. Let me tell you about the most important news of the day: your great-granddaughter. 

If there is one particular sadness to your having left us 40 years ago today, it is that this world never really got to fully see you in your glory as a grandfather. Because I have learned there is a feeling that comes over you when looking at a child of your child that is unlike anything else you have experienced before. And in my mind I can picture you, in full health and pure joy, taking on a role for which you were so perfectly suited. Oh, I wander a bit off topic: your great-granddaughter.

Wait a second for that, if you can forgive me. They are just about to impeach that imbecile for committing a tip of his own massive iceberg sin or two. He has violated as many laws of man and beast as he is capable (and he is eminently capable) and, oh dear God, please stop me now.

So, as I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, your great-granddaughter. She is doing everything everyone else her age is doing, only better. At least in my rose colored glasses. And if God created the Devil, he must certainly have allowed room for Angels, even here on earth (there are some up top, aren't there?). And where there is bad to be found in this universe there is also a good that is almost hard to capture in mere words.

And if there is a Heaven (and God help us if there isn't, or more precisely, maybe God should not have rested on the seventh day) then you and Mom must be residing there together.  I still imagine you as you were before you became ill and the Mom I see is the same vibrant, generous soul she was pre her decade long slide (by the way, tell Mom we checked the 1920 census and she was almost 3 months older than you, not four years younger as she announced to me throughout my childhood). 

Anyway, I have rambled on in non-sequitur for long enough. Just wanted to let you know you are forever embedded in my heart and my head. For as long as I remain within this mortal coil you will always be with me.

All my love.

PS - Dad, if you like this post, I would really appreciate it if you took a moment to write a positive comment on my blog. I don't get enough response. And if there is anyone else up there who may be interested, just pass along my address: tooearlytocall.com (oh, I am so very deeply flawed)


Anonymous said...

Son, I always read each and every post❤️

Anonymous said...

Uncle Mickey, too. Love them ... and love you.

Anonymous said...

Love this!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I have the same conversations with my Dad, who left us 42 years and 2 days ago. --RE

Anonymous said...

WOW! Your dad is very proud of you, by the way, you may be flawed, but not half as much as you know who lois

Anonymous said...

This is a heartwarming piece (excluding the reference to the yellow-head orange-faced man). I find nothing wrong with reaching out to those we love...anyway we can.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful picture of your father, and mother, that I fully understand.

Louise /8A