Saturday, December 28, 2019

Lisa Murkowski is Not a Hero

("A Stirring of Conscience in the Senate")

Must we laud as heroic a voice that cries out not of the myriad misdeeds of Donald Trump, but rather one that is "disturbed" by the actions of  Mitch McConnell? 

Where is the outrage at the President's behavior, his clear and intended denigration and destruction of his office? Where is the angst from Lisa Murkowski that she and her party have allowed, have fostered, the autocratic actions of our leader?  Where is the mea culpa that where we now find ourselves is a direct and inevitable consequence of her party's total capitulation to the whims and fancies of one man who has done so much damage to the very fabric of this nation?

Lisa Murkowski has not broken ranks. She has merely provided a tepid response to the announcement by the master of ceremonies in the Senate of his hand in hand walk with the White House to the preordained acquittal of Mr. Trump. Her discomfort is only that Mr.McConnell has pulled back the curtain.

Do we want to applaud bravery, self sacrifice? Tell Ms. Murkowski to break the actual silence. Tell her to come forward and state, with no equivocation, that enough is too much, that Donald Trump is, without hint of doubt, guilty of the charges leveled against him in the House. That Mitch McConnell should not stand in the way of allowing the whole, unvarnished truth to see the light of day. That this time deserves nothing less, democracy requires nothing less and history demands nothing less.

Until then, words like those we now hear from Ms. Murkowski are but empty vessels.


Bruce said...

Politics attracts second rate people, or in the case of the GOP, mostly third rate people. If they could succeed at their chosen occupation they wouldn't have to default into elective office. (Bloomberg is the major exception to this). So I expect nothing but polemics from our self-styled leaders and instead must rely on local institutions and community to expect to see any progress. This is the reason why our infrastructure in crumbling and we will soon be a third-rate nation. It is also why we cannot solve the addiction problem, gun violence problem and global warming admission. I'm not an alarmist, but I think that our nation and our people are in grave danger. Meanwhile, most all of our elected officials have become 'Neroized', fiddling while the world burns.

Anonymous said...

Murkowski and Collins are two of the phoniest people to ever serve.


Anonymous said...

Murkowski may not be seen as a hero, but she is the "shot heard around the world". Hopefully, it is the first shot of the new American Revolution.


Anonymous said...

The so-called Republican saviors are nothing short of spineless talking heads without form or function. I expect nothing form them and get nothing in return.


Anonymous said...

Don't give up afore the ship goes down, as a fellow once said. If the Democrats can just drag this thing out long enough a really big ape-in-the-cage may show up and change the game completely. Of course, I mean Jesus. As nutty as a lot of those freaks are, they take their stuff very seriously (I know, I have lived out there), and they get together every Sunday and talk... and talk... and talk. And let just a few more of the big-time evangelists give this moral caveman a thumbs down and extinction will set in very quickly. So let's hope.


Anonymous said...

There have been only a few people throughout our nation's history to rise to the level of leadership that inspires.the general population. Between those years there have been many charlatans, like Murkowski. We can only hope that somewhere there is a freshman senator or congressman who will aspire to become the next great breath of fresh air that our country desperately needs. But it will take the voters to realize that to 'keep a republic', we have to believe in it first, albeit with a healthy dose of skepticism as to what government can do and what it cannot do. --RE