Monday, December 16, 2019


We thought the last of this species had perished 66 million years ago. But, to our horror, we now learn one was hatched less than 75 years past. And here is what we know of it:

Most notable physical features:
Tiny brain, small hands, enormous ass, swollen head 

Most notable qualities:
Inveterate liar, insatiable ego 

Anywhere there are sycophants, any place constructed in over the top bad taste

Attracted to:
Autocrats, dictators and other assholes

Repulsed by:
Facts, immigrants

Mating habits:
Anyone but Nancy Pelosi

Favorite activity:
Tweeting (It is the shrill sound an idiot makes when spouting off)

Favorite foods:
Anything as long as it is smothered in ketchup, and starts with the letter hamburger

What it will be remembered for:

    How it is terminated:
    Still undetermined
So lock your doors, turn off the lights and hide under the bed until this menace is extinct. There are reports that its demise may be imminent but the Vegas betting line is that it will survive until 2024. May we only hope it is more than 66 million years until another T-Rump appears to wreak havoc.


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Your absolute flipping best yet!!!

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How far away is Earth from the next approaching asteroid?--RE

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What a perfect description! What perfect insight! What perfect timing!