Wednesday, January 29, 2020

I Wish Alan Dershowitz Had Spoken Up Sooner

If I understand Alan Dershowitz correctly, ANYTHING Donald Trump does in furtherance of his re-election is in the public interest and therefore sacrosanct. An extraordinarily impeachable expert, attempting to define the terms of an unimpeachable presidency. A match made in heaven, or maybe Hell.

We have finally come to the true thrust of the Republican argument on behalf of their leader. Forget all the obfuscation and the misdirection. Disregard the attempts to analyze, dissect and belittle the case of the House Managers and their alleged individual shortcomings. Don't need twenty four hours allotted to present a compelling defense to the charges. In fact, don't need twenty four minutes.Just require one declaratory sentence: Mr. Trump can't be guilty because there can be no boundaries in his pursuing re-election, it being his unfettered, God given right to do wrong.

Alan Dershowitz could have saved us all much time and effort if he had only informed us from the first that we were no longer operating under the confines of morality, the rule of law, the Constitution, or the dictates of a democracy.


Anonymous said...

You need to be in there with Adam! Take the next flight out, just down a bottle of antacid first!!


Anonymous said...

If only he had kept his trap shut.

Lou 8A

Anonymous said...

History will remember Dershowitz as the person who allowed the wolves to enter through democracy's door--RE.

Anonymous said...

don;t need a-d- to tell us that does he need the money that badly? lois

Anonymous said...

There's a downhill slippery slope leading straight to hell...and we democrats, republicans, and those that don't know who the hell they are or what the hell they're doing...have started our descent.

As we slide further, it will be interesting to hear who gets the credit for the nightmare...oops...I meant the blame.

Is it time to march on Washington again? Or should we take the fight to Florida, Russia...?

Should we redefine the word democracy or the word dictatorship? Perhaps we should combine them and come up with a new word? Let's see
...dictmocracy or perhaps demtatorshio? Tooearlytocall?


Anonymous said...

so if i getting dershewiz's reasoning, after all he is a constitution scholar, the president could order the killing of anyone running against him if this would further his election.
So to extend this out, couldn't anyone running for office have the same option?