Monday, January 27, 2020


He was born chasing the game as the son of a jumping Jellybean and he died chasing the game as the dad of someone whose time upon the stage was fast approaching.

And in between he was one of those one word answers: Kobe. Someone who lived seemingly an entire life in the public eye. Often invincible, but not free of blemishes. Driven to victory, with a grin that informed us that your best was not the same as his.

When someone dies before his time, in a moment of unexpected and terrible tragedy, we feel a loss multiplied by its suddenness and viciousness. For many, Kobe Bryant was a hero, his remarkable skills amplified by his unwavering devotion to his profession. And today there is a profound, numbing sadness in his absence.

His poetry on the court, in the end matched by his words as he departed, his love for what he was born to do spilling over in a remarkable anthem of thanks for a sport that filled his world from his first days. 

To his last. 


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said. He was outstanding on and off the court--RE

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Anonymous said...

Should be published


Anonymous said...

Wonderfully written and felt.

Lou 8A

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I will ever find the words to express my pain and sadness, or even an explanation as to why I feel this profound loss for someone I never even met.

However, I thank you for putting into words, an understanding of why I and so many others, will always have the utmost respect and undying love for the player...the husband...the father...the son...the brother...the teammate...the friend...and just as important...the stranger.

Thank you so much