Friday, January 31, 2020

Obstruction of Justice - 53 Tried and Convicted

There was an unfolding obstruction of justice case presented in the Senate over these past agonizing days. But there was not one defendant in this trial. Rather there were 53.

While President Trump had instructed his underlings in his administration not to cooperate with the House investigation into his misdeeds with Ukraine, the 53 men and women sitting on the Republican side of the Senate aisle were, by the very essence of our democracy, allegedly under no such constraint. You know, that whole co-equal branch of government thing, empowering Congress with an independent right of oversight to assure the basic workings of our government are not subject to the whims and abuses of a tyrannical ruler.

But there was clear conspiracy here, the line of separation between the White House and the Capitol blurred beyond recognition. Mitch McConnell and his cohorts acting in the acknowledged sole capacity of the President's protector. Charged not with seeking the truth but avoiding it at all costs.

In the end, they allowed two Senators, Collins and Romney, to give this charade a facade of being something it never was. 

This was not merely a case of one man overstepping his power but 53 abandoning theirs. The Republican Senators have changed the essence of their position and have irreparably damaged the fabric of our country.

And what should come at the end of this hearing is not merely a finding of guilt against the President of the United States but against all those who knew far better, yet shielded their eyes, and this nation, from the truth.


Anonymous said...

SHAME ON THEM.They are all guilty. I hope this blog is picked up by the New York Times.


Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous


Andie said...

All too true; and very sad for our country and its institutionsđŸ˜¢

Anonymous said...

So true