Wednesday, January 22, 2020


"Probably"? What rock have you been living under these past three years?

The Republican members of Congress have long since abandoned any pretense of residing in a reality based universe. As they have defended Mr. Trump's abominations from his cruel and unusual punishment of immigrants to his head in the sand position on climate change, from his refusal to acknowledge Russian hands all over our election to his blatant and fixed determination not to cooperate with either this investigation or the earlier Mueller probe, the men and women who certainly, not "probably",  find this President a crude and ridiculous stain upon this nation, publicly not only support his aberrant and despicable behavior but pretend it is both perfectly normal and absolutely swell.

So don't suggest we hold out even a sliver of hope that these Senate proceedings will find a hero on the right to save the day, save the Constitution and save the country.

Mr. Trump does not need a "threadbare" legal argument to be acquitted. He needs absolutely nothing except those 53 folks who have long since decided that kissing Donald Trump's ring is the only thing standing between them and the unemployment line.


Anonymous said...

Madeline Albright's book 'Fascism--A Warning' goes into great detail as to your point .--RE

Anonymous said...

Kissing his ring or ass?


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I agree, an act of futility


Anonymous said...

But what about SUSAN Collins? Oh yeah, get the press to call me moderate, make my constituents think I have a spine and then suck up...as always.


Anonymous said...

I still haven’t figured out what 45 has to hold over these miscreants’s heads, other than lies and more lies.