Monday, January 20, 2020


("The Democrats' Best Choices for President")


We were looking for a guiding light, for the hand of God to steer us in the path needed to rid us of a blight not only upon this nation but upon a world that is reeling from an incomprehensibly errant hand at the wheel. And instead we get the New York Times' proclamation that it is uncertain which road leads to salvation. 

While you state that all the Democractic candidates have fundamentally similar views on the major issues of the day, what you are really saying is that they all share visions fundamentally different from that of Mr. Trump. But Ms. Klobuchar and Ms. Warren speak in dissimilar language and you cannot like both with equal vigor.

Don't inform us there are two platforms within the Democractic party and each has its strength and flaws. We already knew that. Tell us which one you find compelling. Which one you find most enlightened. Which one will better shape the nation and the world in the tomorrow's to come. And who the Hell can defeat Donald J Trump.

You have given us a non-answer. Your maybe this, maybe that is a cop-out which leaves me dissatisfied. And, worse, unsettled. 


Anonymous said...

Their opinion did state their belief that the better ideas were coming from the left of the party. But in applying that very "Left" label, they are destroying any chance for the public to get excited about it. Your underlying angst (I sound like a therapist) is the fact that the democratic party is too focused on "who can beat Trump", and not enough on seizing the enthusiasm of the public with bold solutions, ie: taxing guns, tobacco and alcohol to fund health care, or implementing a long overdue transaction sales tax on Wall Street trades to lift the burden of taxation on lower income people. The candidates haven't gone far enough to induce excitement. --RE.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a bit of a cop-out but I love it!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It’s the NYT. What more do you expect?

Anonymous said...

Amy ok
Elizabeth ugh


Anonymous said...

Cop out indeed.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, there is really quite an outcry and criticism today about the Times' dual endorsement.
You called it early.
😀 🕑


Anonymous said...

Oh how I agree.
With Sanders' recent attack on Biden, it appears that the necessary fight for truth and the pursuit of reality is being lost. I know justice for all never existed but what about justice at all? Will we ever recognize truth again? Is there confusion in the Media or just fear? Are they playing both political sides to guard against another democratic nightmare? Or worse, is insanity spreading?