Friday, February 28, 2020

National Primary Day

("Why a Shortened Primary Season May Prove Disastrous").

We don't need a longer primary season. We need a national primary day. One day. 50 states. Everyone with a say in who becomes the nominee.

We don't need Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and the Super Tuesday states to inform us who we, in a state that has never seen the candidate plant one foot, has chosen to represent our party. 

We don't need a LONGER period to choose our candidate. We need a more effective period, where each candidate must try to curry favor with enough of the populace to secure the nomination. If this requires more time in larger states, with more votes, so be it (just as in the general election). If it requires moderating positions so that one must talk not merely to a rabid base, but to the population across the nation, let it happen (just as in the general election).

This is the 21st century. Candidates declare NEARLY TWO YEARS before election day. They have access to us over the internet every second of every day. If they fail to engage us there, then let us schedule debates every seven days for two months. Top 10 in the national polls before the first debate stay in for the entire series. If we can't make a decision at that point, it is only because we are not paying attention.

We twist and turn this primary season into a form that makes little sense, fails to recognize that the horse and buggy have been sitting in the shed for over a hundred years and make the opinion of every person in Iowa a thousand times more important than that of someone in my home state of New Jersey.

Want to do the right thing? Just say it. 

National primary day.


Bruce said...

If one national primary day could enable us to avoid populists like Trump and Sanders who extol dictatorial-autocrats on one hand and dictatorial-autocrats on the other hand — right and left— then I’m in favor.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head. I agree whole-heartedly with Bruce as well.--RE