Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Pete Rose

Pete Rose was known to be a serial  philanderer, a disloyal friend, a compulsive gambler who never fully paid off his debts and who surrounded himself with questionable characters. He fought the charges levelled against him by Major League Baseball, denying any wrongdoing and suing Commissioner Bart Giamatti claiming he had prejudged his matter. He later even spent five months in jail for income tax evasion.

He was, in many ways, not a very good man. But he was, without question, a helluva ballplayer, admired for his longevity and grit as much as his skill. Running to first base after a walk. Giving every ounce of effort every single day. He was "Charley Hustle."

This sport has witnessed George Steinbrenner, who agreed to a lifetime ban for paying someone $40,000 to smear one of Steinbrenner's own players, Dave Winfield. But that ban later turned into a two year suspension.

And seen Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and many others enhance their already considerable talents through rampant use of steroids. But they are still eligible for selection into the Hall. A-Rod, perhaps the most prolific offender, given the harshest sentence, a one year suspension, now back in good graces with the sport and more popular than ever before.

Pete Rose rubbed baseball the wrong way, his personal ugliness and hubris undoubtedly exacerbating factors in his expulsion. His apparent lack of adequately expressed remorse keeping him from reentering the game.

But there is no evidence he attempted to "throw" games, no evidence he bet against his team. While Mr. Rose is certainly a man with many blemishes, his wrongs did not and do not deserve the death penalty. 31 years is more than enough.

Reinstate him.


Anonymous said...

If the "fathers" of a country that was founded on theft, kidnapping, enslavement, torture, rape, murder, etc., can be hailed as heros, and similar "types" are still holding positions of power today, then 31 years is far too much!


PickleBiz said...

People with even less integrity have been elected president. Need I say more?