Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Shame on Rob Portman. And on the New York Times

I do not need a Rob Portman spouting the Republican mantra on the alleged failures of the House to make a case, the minor irregularities in the President's conduct and the Senate's obligation to acquit.  

Spare us more untruths. We know the matter in the House was constrained by the President's dictate to those under his control not to testify and not to turn over one single document. Nevertheless, the information presented was thin like Donald Trump's rear end. It was replete with testimony from many dedicated lifetime public servants telling a tale not of a small lapse in judgment but a wrong committed that struck at the very heart of what constituted a high crime and misdemeanor. Next, 51 Senators, including Mr. Portman refused to hear from a single new witness, or examine one new shred of paper. Nada, rien, zip, zero.

Mr. Portman then dismisses this issue entirely, redirecting our focus away from this train wreck and asking us to believe in his bi-partisan spirit and that of his Republican colleagues. 

This is nothing but pure, unadulterated propaganda that should never be given a platform such as yours. Where is your paper's integrity?

Shame on you Mr. Portman. And on the New York Times.

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