Friday, February 28, 2020

The Coronavirus and Donald Trump

Mr Trump's Great Wall.

As the President has made it the central promise of his administration to keep us safe from invasion by forces threatening to destroy our way of life, the Muslim ban and the border wall served to protect us from wholly imagined enemies.

Now the Coronavirus is bearing down upon us. Gaining speed and intensity, like a tsunami headed for our shores. An actual disaster a looming possibility in a form we cannot see, touch, hear or smell. And for this battle, true leadership, a steady hand and a firm intellect are a mandate.

But Mr. Trump has addressed this as he has with all the self inflicted near calamities of his tenure in office. Simple answers, bold and glaring misstatements. As the boy who has cried wolf a thousand times reveals his thoughts, it will be almost impossible for us to distinguish fact from fiction and truth from lies.

He has decimated the ranks of those who would serve this nation best in our hour of need, as the CDC and the office of National Security have been robbed of both their brightest and their monies by an administration dedicated to the proposition that science is science fiction and only certain lives are worthy of preservation.

And he has turned over control of our nation's response to his Vice President, a man whose history fully belies the concept that he is prepared for the task at hand.

As we hold our collective breath and watch in horror as events seem to spiral out of control, as markets across the globe shut down and stock markets crumble, we are left with the nightmarish understanding as to the glaring inadequacies of those in charge of our future.

This is the first true test of the presidency of Donald Trump. The horror of that realization is impossible to escape. 


Anonymous said...

Once there was confidence and security and now…chaos and calamity. I fear we’re in for an ever rougher ride.


Anonymous said...

Great letter.


Anonymous said...

I hope the NY Times prints this one. --RE