Monday, March 16, 2020

A Tree Fell in the Forest On CNN Last Night

This posed the existential question: what if they had a debate and nobody came?

From a distance of six feet they disagreed for two hours.

They had changed venue, changed cable network, even changed one of the moderators. The two candidates argued to an audience of three. And I don't necessarily mean only in the studio.

To say we were distracted would not begin to describe our collective state of being. It was almost as if they threw these two old guys on the stage just to give us some sense of normalcy, some inkling of a feeling that there would be life on the other side of the Coronavirus.

It felt more in the nature of a public service announcement: "Please be advised that we will get through this and, when we do, remember that Donald Trump will still be sitting in the Oval Office. If you don't stop him, he will likely eradicate not only our democracy, but our very being."

It was, in many ways, almost ludicrous that with this nation seemingly moments from total lockdown, when business as we know it is coming to a complete halt, when schools are shuttered and we are shut in, that the "show" went on. And, maybe tomorrow they too will throw in the towel.

But I appreciated the momentary distraction, the small reminder of what life was like before the apocalypse. And, hopefully, after.

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Anonymous said...

I believe the line used by tough guy Edward G. Robinson just before dying from gunshot wounds was..."Is this what's become of Ricco?

Considering how severe America has been wounded, is it time to ask...
Is this what's become of America?