Saturday, March 7, 2020


I have been reluctant to post this week, feeling the magnitude of events dwarfed the significance of anything I might attempt to add to the conversation

The Coronavirus has much of the world in its grip. From democracy to autocracy to brutal dictatorship, none are safe from its forces. And wherever one may be in the globe, every cough elicits concern, every word that there is illness in the area brings a shiver to the heart.

And in our common sentiments there should be a common purpose. For we are no longer separate bodies at war with each other in spirit if not in fact. We are no longer foreigners, immigrants. No longer with borders or walls. No longer rich or poor. No longer black or white. No longer Democrat or Republican. No longer American, Russian, Chinese or North Korean.

In this moment we all share a single enemy. In this moment we all require a single purpose. In this moment we all are but as one. For if you are ill, I stand a greater risk of falling. And if I am ill those I love are closer to harm than they should ever be.

So I hope, in all that results from a virus that causes such unrest, we discover a shared humanity. And if and when the Coronavirus is but a line in the history books, that we are changed for the better for having survived its terrible grip and learned its frightening lesson.


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Humanity is certainly not evidenced by the hoarding behavior on the hygiene shelves


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May it be so.


Anonymous said...

If only that could be. We may be too far remove from the ideology of different but equal. However I am thankful for your hopes and wishful thoughts.


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Well said!