Monday, March 23, 2020

If He Only Had a Brain

He has wasted all those hours
Pretendin' super powers
Repeatin' his refrain
Oh my God, he's been screechin'
While I wish he had been teachin'
If he only had a brain

He's been Nero with a fiddle
Who's flunked at solving riddles
All the answers he just feigned
And the questions we've been askin'
Are the problems he's been maskin'
If he only had a brain

Oh, he's so full of lies
And he always got one more
He's a veritable endless lying store
A rotten apple, to the core

I'm so tired of his bluffin'
His brain all full of nothin'
His words cause me such pain
I would be oh so happy
If he wasn't oh so crappy
If he only had a brain

And though it may sound treason
I can't find any reason
Why he should still remain
I would boot him in the behind
From his office, though its unkind
Need a president with brains


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Anonymous said...

As always, amazing.


Anonymous said...

Right on.


Anonymous said...

Outstanding! His supporters need a brain.--RE

Anonymous said...

I sang this 2 times. I love it. Another amazing recap. Keep us laughing