Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Joe Biden and Fireside Chats

("The Democrats Are Moderately Excited")

I believe we have established three essential criteria for the Democratic nominee:

1. Is he (excuse me Tulsi Gabbard) likeable?

2. Do his policies worry me?

3. Can he defeat Donald Trump?

Yes, I understand #3 is the only issue that matters, but we have learned the others are necessary predicates.

The Democratic party has settled on a choice between two old shoes. After considering various colors, shapes and sizes, all were discarded save for two men who have been in the public eye for a very long time. Given our grave sense of unease from the madness emanating from the White House, familiarity with the Democratic candidates did not, at least in this instance, breed contempt.

Joe Biden makes us comfortable in ways Bernie Sanders never could. Having an attachment to "no drama Obama" certainly provides Mr. Biden a solid underpinning, whether or not his policies actually match those of #44.

As it turns out, Democrats don't favor confrontation in this moment, not with Republicans and not with our established manner of being.

And with the Coronavirus now wreaking havoc with our collective psyche, our energy for all out war has been further dissipated.

While we hope that our math is correct and that one plus two equals three, our party has now decided to throw their hat in with a man whose heart seems most often in the right place and whose words (at least a vast portion) give us thoughts of peace, of calm.

Who better than Joe to bring us our milk and cookies? Fireside chats anyone?


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled


Anonymous said...

No more rallies. Yay! And perhaps only one last Dem debate. Yay!!


Anonymous said...

He's been keeping calm since the first "keystone cops" Democratic debate