Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Mr. Trump's Oval Office Address on the Coronavirus

He is still trying to build his Wall.

Note to the president: the Coronavirus is here, it is exponentially expanding and it requires our immediate and complete attention.

Don't tell us you are suspending traffic from Europe, with some seemingly hard to explain exceptions including an on its face bizarre exclusion for the United Kingdom.

Rather tell us what we are doing here and how to protect those among us. Tell us of medical readiness, of our own travel concerns, of the extent of aggressive tactics we must take in our business lives, in our schools, in our places of entertainment.  For how long and in what ways MUST we change the essential manner in how we comport ourselves? 

Why are we not yet testing vast portions of our population? When we will be ready to do so?

Mr. Trump, you are our leader. LEAD. You have the facts at your disposal. TELL US THE HARD TRUTHS. 

This is not a foreign invasion. Not your Mexican fantasy, not your ban on travel by Islamic people into this country. This is not, as so much in your presidency has been, merely a manufactured crisis of your imagination. It is as real as it gets.

Every person with Coronavirus is likely to pass it on to two or three others. 

Look around Mr. Trump. Italy is speaking to us. Their country is now shut down. Where do they differ from us? Their numbers were much as ours but a few days ago.

It is time for you to stop treating your office with utter disdain. Time to stop treating this nation with such disdain. Time to do your job Mr. Trump.

This is a matter of our very survival.



Alex said...

Not likely to happen.

PickleBiz said...

Ask an idiot to get smarter and you will likely be dissapointed. He simply can't. There is nothing there but ego and hubris. Winston Churchill he's not.

Anonymous said...

As always so well stated!!


Anonymous said...

you want something he's not capable of lois

Anonymous said...

Suddenly you want him to do something correct and logical? I thought you abstained.