Friday, March 13, 2020

Trump's Follies

Was he really shaking hands with every speaker? And refusing to take a test for Covid 19 because he was not showing symptoms even as the Brazilian President was being tested for contact with the same infected person who was in the company of both leaders? Or not even contemplating self isolation?

His total inability to comport himself as a leader is staggering. Did he really blame the horrific delay on rolling out testing on the virus on an old system that the administration apparently only decided to update this week? Was everyone taking a nap over the past 60 days when the world was imploding? Or was the President's "what's the big deal" attitude the underlying force for everyone sitting on their hands while illness spread across our land?

He is incapable of taking responsibility for his egregious mistakes or handling responsibility when it is thrust upon him. 

Yes,  we know "national emergency" is two very big words, but thank you for reminding us. His opening remarks today were embarrassing, but so are all his efforts at self congratulation combined with riffing (what a nightmare that is).

We are desperately trying to flatten a curve that likely would have been much flatter but for the misdeeds and mistakes of the President. And by flattening a curve we are talking about how many lives will be lost by delay occasioned by the President's hubris, negligence, incompetence or sheer stupidity (you are free to pick one or more from this list).

If you and I survive it will not be because of, but in spite of Donald Trump.

And what worse indictment of our leader could there be?


Anonymous said...

Alas. PB

Anonymous said...

Amen brother!!

Needless to say that the spineless republicans in the house and senate still support him how embarrassing!


Anonymous said...

Stay safe and keep writing!


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many Republicans I know say they're sorry for voting for him. When asked why they believe so many people still follow him blindly, they could only provide stock answers. When asked would they vote for him again, they would not answer.

This is the real problem. Seemingly intelligent people thinking an apology is enough, instead of ensuring this would not happen again.