Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Do We Even Remember Robert Mueller, Kids in Cages, the Impreachment Hearings?

Robert Mueller. Anyone remember that quaint little episode? The North Korean verbal war to see which leader had the bigger weapon? The children locked in cages?The withdrawal from the nuclear agreement with Iran? And what about that perfect phone call and the President's resulting impeachment? Do we even mention his blatant disregard of the Constitution with his executive orders and his tweeting mandates, no more stark than his declaration that none of his underlings produce a single piece of paper or utter one syllable in response to demands of the impeachment investigations?  Each repulsive action certain to be a defining moment for the November 2020 election. Now they are all almost forgotten, mere footnotes or asterisks in the bizarre alternate universe in which we find ourselves

And so where will the President's current lies, his missteps, his adamant refusal to take responsibility for lives forever altered, for deaths piling up across this nation, where will his preening and blundering on Covid 19 rank on the Richter scale this November?

We are all so certain that THIS ONE will be the bellwether when we vote, IF WE VOTE this year (who could possibly say with certainty that Mr. Trump will not declare a national emergency such that a changing of the guard is not something we can sanction at this critical time). 

Yet if there is one absolute certainty in this three ring circus of a presidency it is that nothing is certain. One could never imagine the succession of calamities and near calamities caused by the incompetence, the arrogance, the bending of truth and logic, by this President. And thus, as with all other disasters or near disasters over the past three plus years, the straight line we think we see between some horror, even this latest one, and the fall of Donald J. Trump may not be that at all.

For in this world nothing is certain except death,(which we are now desperately trying to ward off with every collective breath), taxes (which for the time being are on hiatus) and the next all consuming distraction just around the corner, compliments of the charlatan who would be king if only he could figure out how to turn a democracy into a monarchy.

November is a lifetime of the unfathomable  away.


Anonymous said...

The Tea Party, whose belief that government must be starved to function, has a stranglehold on the rest of the Republican Party and on this country. Their grip can only be broken when people start believing in government again. Belief in government unfortunately only seems to occur in moments of crisis. Are we there yet?--RE

Anonymous said...

I have also thought that he might delay or cancel the election; and if he loses do you think he will go quietly?