Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Donald Trump Sings the Beatles

The President has now appeared on You Tube singing a series of Beatles songs in response to the current pandemic. The cost to view is your sanity:

1. Helter - Skelter - his handling of the crisis

2. In the End - his message to Governors who challenge him

3. Yesterday - his understanding of how quickly Melania will be gone if he ever tests positive for the virus

4. Yellow Submarine - his new residence until this plague disappears

5. The Long and Winding Road - his retort to those who say he has been slow to deliver desperately needed supplies

6. A Hard Day's Night - his lament when he can't escape to Mar-a-Lago to play golf

7. Carry That Weight- his direction to Dr. Fauci

8. Cry Baby Cry- his conversation with Governor Cuomo

9. Do You Want to Know a Secret - his decision not to inform us of the extent of the problem we face

10. Everybody's Got Something to Hide Cept for Me and My Monkey- his suggestion that we pay attention to his monkey

11. Because - his response to every question "Why"

12. Getting Better (All the Time) - his answer when the numbers keep getting worse

13. Hello, Goodbye - his discussions with the press when they question his actions

14. I Just Don't Understand - his anthem

15. I Want to Hold Your Hand - his belief that this is all a hoax manufactured by China 

16. I'm Looking Through You - his rebuke of  Nancy Pelosi

17. It Won't Be Long - his instruction to those who are told not to leave NYC

18. Let It Be - his true feeling on how best to handle this situation

19. Magical Mystery Tour-  his tutorial on governing

20. Nowhere Man - his leadership crystallized

21. Oh-bla-di, Oh-bla-da - his suggestion that this is all overblown 

22. Run For Your Life- his thoughts on your chance of survival

23. She's Leaving Home - his revelation about Melania after she got a hold of the latest report on the outbreak

24. Ticket to Ride - his reporting of Ivanka's plans to get out of town

25. We Can Work It Out - his stock position when everything goes wrong

Message to Mr. Trump: stop fiddling around while Our Guitar Gently Weeps. It is far past time to just Let It Be. We are all in desperate need of more than A Little Help from Our Friends. Please, please us, oh yeah and  don't be APRIL'S FOOL on the Hill.


Anonymous said...

Love this! Number 4 brings me there! Very funny --RE

Anonymous said...

Love it!!

......“Give Me Just A Little More Time”
(Lyrics by Chairmen of the Board, 1970) - his plea/campaign slogan for four more years!! 😳😫👎💊


Anonymous said...

this is brilliant should be published lois

Anonymous said...

very clever


Bruce said...

CHAINS--is what we are all in

TELL MY WHY--this had to happebn

I'LL GET YOU--said the Covid-19 virus

IN MY LIFE--I've never seen nuthin' like thi

NO REPLY--when I call my credit card company to get an extension

I'M A LOSER--like everyone else on Wall Street

I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER--than to vote for Trump

IF I FELL--I'd have to go to a hospital!!!! Oh no !!!

YOU CAN'T DO THAT--in the grocery store without gloves on

I'LL BE BACK--said the DJIA


I SAW HER STANDING THERE--six feet away from me

BABY IT'S YOU--I didn't recognize you in your mask

IT WON'T BE LONG--until we are all sick


HOLD ME TIGHT--not really

Anonymous said...

Great play on words but oh so frightening real.