Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Exercising the Fundamental Right to Sign One's Own Death Warrant

("At the Polls in Wisconsin: Lines, Masks and Plenty of Fear")

They stood in line waiting for the opportunity to do what, exercise a fundamental right while simultaneously signing their own death warrant?

As we warn of a nation, of a world, under siege and send screaming reminders each day about the certainty of spreading disease through contact with others, could there have been a more profane image than that of people snaking blocks as Wisconsin decided to close its eyes to reality?

It was a bizarre scene, stay at home and social distancing dictates disappearing like a magician's sleight of hand. 

And we wonder why this most virulent foe is still coursing through our veins with unrelenting frequency?

When we look back on the history of this plague, the pictures from today in places like Milwaukee will not mark our finest hour. 

There HAD TO be a better way.


Anonymous said...

The solution is electronic voting over the internet with 2 part verification.--RE

Anonymous said...

So true!


Anonymous said...

I understand the Supreme court ruled against allowing voters to vote from home yet they themselves don't meet as a body and vote separately. Hypocrites!