Saturday, April 11, 2020


Someone is missing:

Age - The same as mine
Height - Varies
Sex- None
Weight- None 
Distinguishing features - Changes shape and size
Last Seen - A long time ago

He (for lack of a better term) has been my
companion throughout my life. In good times
and bad, he has been by my side. I know he is
very afraid of the dark. And overcast days.
And being inside.

At the moment, I stay mostly in my apartment.
And when I do venture out, well I can't remember
the last time I saw blue sky when I cast
 my gaze upward. And never a sign of him.

My friend has disappeared. Maybe he has forgotten
who I am. Maybe he is wandering the streets
right now trying to find me. Maybe scared
and alone. I am very worried. I miss him terribly.

His name -  Oh, I am so sorry, that should have
been the first thing I told you.

He is known as "My shadow."

PS - Look who I found today!!


Anonymous said...

Do you need to talk to somebody? There are professionals you can zoom with


Anonymous said...

u r unbelievable


Anonymous said...

Guess you're not afraid of him?


LPB said...

Are we talking literal or metaphysical shadow here? I can’t work out if you’re feeling happy or the sun is never out...

Anonymous said...

Missing... your mask


Anonymous said...

: )